Pauleen Luna, Ipinasilip Ang Kaniyang Napakagandang Indoor Plants Sa Kanilang Mansion

With this time of the p@ndem1c, we stayed inside our house for a longer period of time due to the Enh@nced Community Qu@rant1ne being implemented. And in these times, we are looking for something to reflect on just like caring for a variety of plants.

Many of us have indeed become certified “Plantita” and “Plantito” which have had a collection of various plant species. And this includes the wife of comedian and TV host Vic Sotto, Dabarkads Pauleen Luna.

No wonder Pauleen really loves indoor plants. You can see some photos of her beautiful indoor plants on her Instagram account. The home of the couple Paulen and Bossing Vic with their daughter Talitha can be seen decorated with beautiful and huge indoor plants.

Just a few of the indoor plants that can be seen inside their home that serve as decoration are the fiddle leaf fig tree, snake plant, Snow White, and many more. In the picture where she is with her indoor plants, Pauleen’s happy smile can be seen.

Another larger fiddle fig tree can also be seen inside Pauleen’s house. Her Zz plant is also very beautiful to look at. Pauleen’s beautiful indoor plants can not only be seen in the living room of their home because even in the kitchen of their home, indoor plants are also displayed.

Here you can see a pothos sitting on the counter and on the other side of it is a small palm tree. It is not difficult to take care of pothos, which even if it is not exposed to much sunlight, it does not wither. Pothos are low-maintenance, which requires little sunlight and no need for frequent watering.

In one corner of their living room can be seen a tall rubber tree. The plant was beautiful to look at, which really fit the design of Pauleen’s house.

What can you say about this? Do you like the variety of indoor plants inside her house? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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