Bakit Nga Ba Bigla Umalis Si Rochelle Pangilinan Sa Grupo Niyang S3xb0mb noong 2007?

Rochelle Pangilinan is one of the original members of the all-girl dance group S3xb0mb Girls on Eat Bulaga. She was the leader of the group along with Jopay Paguia, Yvette Pabalan, Izzy Trazona, Went Ibarra, and Monic Icban.

Joy Cancio was a talent manager who discovered that Rochelle when she participated in a dance contest in their barangay. She was hired as the backup dancer of Eat Bulaga along with Che-che, Debra, and Janine. Their group was called ‘Chicken Sandwich Dancers’ until it expanded in 2000 and changed its name to ‘The S3xb0mb Girls’.

Among the songs that were became popular were Bakit Papa, Crush Kita, Pretty Little B𝔞by, Di Ko Na Mapipigilan, Halukay Ube and Spaghetti Song. They also had an afternoon show “Daisy Siete” that spanned seven years and 27 seasons. In 2006, many were sh0cked by the disbandment of their group and their disappearance from Eat Bulaga.

They were replaced by EB Babes who included Hopia, Joyce Burgos, Lian Paz, Mae Dela Cerna, Angel Coronel, Saida Diola, Kim Guevarra, Gene Maranan, Madel, Belle Rivera, Maiko, Molly, Ria, Maricorn, Yosh Rivera, and many more.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Rochelle, she shared why she left their group. In 2007, Rochelle decided to go solo and separate from the group so that she could further explore her acting talent.
“I just want to try to get out of the group on my own, as in not with Ate Joy’s management. I just want to try what’s out there with S3xb0mb. “

Rochelle is the leader of the group so it was hard for her to leave especially since they call each other family. She said they were supportive of her and respected her decision.

Rochelle also admitted that there was a quarrel between S3xb0mb Girls and EB Babes who replaced them in Eat Bulaga.
“There was, there was. S3xb0mb lumaking palaban eh and then it has EB Babes who are white, gaganda, they don’t know how to dance, it’s like that to us, ‘Rochelle revealed.

It will be remembered that there was then a showdown by the two groups that the Dabarkads indeed looked forward to. But Rochelle clarified that even though they had a f1ght then, they are now friends.

What can you say about this? Do you miss the group on the dance floor and spotlight? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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