Dating PBB Housemate Na Si Lie Reposposa, Ginulat Ang Netizens Sa Kaniyang Malaking Transformation

There are so many changes in 2020 that most of us don’t want to go back. But some events make us happy. It’s just like the exciting transformations of well-known personalities in showbiz. Some surprise netizens and inspire some Filipinos.

There is nothing wrong with these changes. They say, be yourself. Whatever we do to ourselves is no case as long as we make nothing fun. Many are looking forward to Lei’s future career in showbiz.

And one of them is Former PBB Housemate Lie Reposposa. She is one of the most down-to-earth and cheerful housemates in Kuya’s house. After a few years, Lie matured and many were surprised by the glow-up photos that she posted on Instagram.

If she didn’t put on make-up then, now it’s okay for her to have lipstick! Lie’s skin also became smoother and whiter. But with the sudden change in her appearance, many then said that the girl may have undergone surgery.

But Lie immediately denied this in his video on his YouTube channel titled “MY GLOW UP SECRET REVEAL.”
“Unang-una po sa lahat, hindi po ako nagpa-retoke. Totoo po ‘yan. Wala po akong pera pang-retoke at siyempre underage po, bawal po magpa-retoke,” Lie explained.

She added, “Tapos ‘yong sinasabi nilang nagpa-gluta ako, hindi po totoo ‘yon. Hindi po ako nagpa-gluta pero feeling ko dahil sa lockdown, siyempre ‘di tayo nakalabas-labas, ‘di tayo naaarawan.”

According to Lie, she keeps a good night’s sleep, drinking plenty of water and exercising which is the secret to her wonderful transformation.

What can you say about this? Do you admire her amazing glow-up transformation? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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