Viral Ngayon Ang Larawan Ni Kris Aquino Noong Kabataan Niya

Kris Aquino is without a doubt one of the people who the majority admires and idolizes. Her talent as an actress and TV host is unrivaled, in addition to her natural beauty.

Kris has proven and accomplished a lot in her few years in the entertainment industry.

It is common knowledge that her birthday is February 14th, which is also known as Valentine’s Day in the Philippines.  

Because of her prowess as a host, the 51-year-old actress has also been dubbed the “Queen of All Media.” She is also a successful businesswoman, producer, and socialite.

In the few years, she has been in showbiz, she has also made a lot of films, and many people admire her ability to perform in any role given to her, especially in horror films. She has also produced a large number of talk show hosts who are well-liked by the general public.

Kris married basketball player James Yap in 2005, and they had a son named James Carlo, also known as Bimby. She also has a son with actor Philip Salvador Joshua.

Meanwhile, many people were happy and excited when Kris announced her engagement to Mel Senen Sarmiento in 2021. Kris, on the other hand, did not announce their divorce until January of the following year, despite the fact that it had been agreed upon. They both decide to end their relationship. This is also due to Kris’ current illness, in which she has a rare condition that necessitates medical attention.

Mel stated that he chose to avoid Kris because he did not want Kris’ health to be harmed as a result of their frequent marriage and relationship.

It was not an easy decision for the former DILG secretary, but he knew it was best for Kris.

Many people are asking and praying for Kris’ quick recovery from her illness today.

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