Maja Salvador,Ipinasilip Ang Kaniyang Napakagandang Bahay Sa Anyipolo Na Tinawag Niyang Casa Andres Na May Modern Tropical Design

Maja Salvador is well-known in the entertainment industry not only for her beautiful face but also for her acting abilities. As a result, she has many projects that her fans adore.

The actress also values every dollar she earns from her work, so she spends it wisely. She was able to build a very nice house as a result of her hard work and careful financial management.

Maja recently hinted at this in her vlog. Her vlog includes a tour of her magnificent house in Antipolo, which he calls Casa Andres.

Because of the pandemic that necessitated quarantine, Maja chose to remain in Antipolo with her brother. They have repaired their house several times, according to the actress.

Previously, the theme of the house was almost black and white mixed with red, but now it has been given a makeover by her friend Miah Gomez, an interior designer, with a modern tropical home as the theme. This is due to Maja’s love of visiting beautiful places, particularly those on the beach.

According to Maja, she allegedly purchased the house with money earned from her endorsement of RC Cola, which is why she referred to it as RC House. With the passage of time and several renovations to the house, the actress considered changing its name. And now she refers to it as “Casa Andres.”

Maja’s family home will be the first to open, a mini-garden where they frequently have grill nights or steak nights. This is also where her father frequently sits for coffee.

When you first walk into the house, you will notice the living room, which has a cozy atmosphere due to the high ceiling. You will also find some decorations that are in keeping with the overall theme of the house. The actress’ sermons on acting are one of the items on display in the living room.

The money she earned from her endorsement of RC Cola, she named it RC House. With the passage of time and several renovations to the house, the actress considered changing its name. And now, the actress calls it “Casa Andres”.

Apart from the paintings that can be found inside Casa Andres, there are also some indoor plants that add to the home’s beauty.

The dining and kitchen area, on the other hand, is one of the areas of the house being renovated by the actress. If it used to have a red-black-white color scheme, it is now modern tropical, with a concept similar to total life design.

The actress has converted the former lanai area into a gym so that she does not have to leave the house every time she works out. This is where she keeps her mini gym and the gym equipment she uses for her workouts.

On the other side, the sauna is ready for her to use after working out.

In the final segment of the video, the actress promised that once her subscriber count reaches one million, she will show off the second floor of their house.

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