PJ Abellana, Isiniwalat Ang Tunay Na Dahilan Kung Bakit Naghiwalay Sina Carla Abellana At Tom Rodriguez

Carla Abellana’s father Rey PJ Abellana has already stated his case. Concerning Carla’s divorce from her husband, Tom Rodriguez.

It is still unknown what caused Tom and Carla’s divorce.

Neither side has made an official statement on the matter.

It was rumored that it was for financial reasons. Kelley Day, a Kapuso actress who is said to be a third party, has also been named in the controversy.

However, the actress flatly denied it, claiming that Tom had already apologized to her.

And with the ever-increasing speculation about the true reason. Carla’s father has spoken, and the truth has come to light.

According to a report shared by News 5, the reason was a one-night stand. According to Carla’s father, actor Rey PJ Abellana, It is said to be.


Carla is said to have revealed in a text message that Tom and I are no longer okay. He did not say that the two were separated, according to his father.

He stated that the couple is still attempting to resolve their issue. One of the reasons, however, was that Tom was allegedly tempted.

And this has been the wick, as well as the main source of Carla’s current marital problems.

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