Tingnan Ang Mga Throwback Photos Ni Rosanna Roces Noon Kabataan Niya

Rosanna Roces, or better known to the public as Osang, was one of the most famous and popular s3xy stars back then. Given her natural beauty, it’s no surprise that many men are completely smitten by her.

Osang can be proud of not only her beautiful face but also her very beautiful figure, which is why she was one of the expectations of many viewers back then on television or the big screen.

The 1997 film “Kahit Pader Gigibain Ko,” 1998 film “Mapusok,” 1998 film “Curacha,” The Restless Woman Curacha/Corazon,” Cario Brutal,” Ginto’t Pilak,” and “Ang Babae sa Bintana” are some of the films she has made in which she has shown her talent as a s3xy star and brought out her beauty

Aside from these, Osang has a slew of other films that have struck a chord with a wide range of audiences. Meanwhile, Rosanna shared on Instagram throwback photos of her very beautiful face, which has not faded to this day.

You can see in the photos shared by Osang how much she was overflowing with beauty when she was young, add her very white and very smooth cutie, and it’s no wonder why the former s3xy star gained so many fans back then.

Osang’s caption is attached to this Instagram post. “Circa97 .. right after filming LIGAYA ang itawag mo sa akin. #Enhanced #R) poers #oldpic @ms.rosannaroces.”

Osang’s beauty is truly amazing, and many people admire him for his straightforward personality in addition to his beauty.

Some netizens reacted to this throwback photo of Osang.

“Isa sa mga pinakamagaling na artista sa pelikula at TV, Comedy or Drama magaling! Napaka natural magbitaw ng linya.” “Magaling talaga yan pinapanood ko movies nya dati.”

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