Naalala Niyo Pa Ba Ang Thai Actress Na Si P’nam Ng “Cr-zy Little Thing Called Love”? Mas Nag Level-up Ang Kanyang Kagandahan Ngayon

Many of us may have seen the Thai-romantic-comedy “Crazy little thing called love,” a high school film released in 2010 that delighted many viewers. The film stars Thai actress Pimchanok Luevisapaibul and young Thai actor Mario Maurer.

This film is about two high school students named P’nam and P’shone. P’nam, played by Pimcahnok, has a secret crush on P’shone, played by Mario.

This story revolves around Pimchanok’s character P’nam, who is not a beautiful girl who wishes to be noticed and liked by the young man she is dating, P’shone, so she chooses to change in order to be noticed. improve himself

This film really struck a chord with a lot of viewers because it is full of thrills and a very beautiful story that seems to inspire many young people who experience admiration at a young age. As a result, it remained at the box office for a long time and was even released in various countries.

But it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the movie “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” so perhaps many of us are curious about the life of the P’nam actor Pimchanok, as he is now known. Baifern’s name.

To everyone’s knowledge, the actress will not only be able to watch the famous film “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” but she has also starred in a number of other films. She has also had dramas, TV shows, series, and music videos produced in her home country.

Beifern’s talent as an actress earned her nominations and awards in a variety of categories.

According to other reports, in addition to being an actress, she is now an endorser of various products such as beauty products, clothing, and automobiles that are well-known brands in their country.

It can now be seen in her new photos that, despite being a young woman, P’nam is even more beautiful now, and her beauty has really leveled-up because her personality has matured. She no longer only plays cute and charming roles, but she also plays mature roles.

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