Sharon Cuneta, Ipinasilip Na Ang Mas Slim Niyang Pangangatawan Ngayon

Sharon Cuneta, the lone Mega Star, is one of the stars we look up to; whether young or old, Sharon is known as a great actress and singer.

“Bituing Walang Ningning” and “Mr. Dj” were two of Sharon’s most popular songs at the time.

Mega Star shines like a star from then to now, never losing its luster but becoming even brighter. Where did Sharon’s showbiz brilliance take her? Aside from the songs and albums that were huge hits back then.

Sharon’s box office successes will also impress you. You can’t possibly throw anything at them without fading Mega Star Sharon Cuneta.

Sharon is a loving and caring mother who lives with Senator Sen. Kiko Pangilinan behind the camera and on stage. Sharon is now regarded as one of her most significant accomplishments, particularly in terms of her physique. Sharon used to struggle to lose weight, but her new body is ideal for her.

Sharon’s hard work paid off because she had already met her fitness goals. Her shirt fits her perfectly, as evidenced by the way it hangs.

Sharon Cuneta proudly told fans about the progress of her five-year weight loss journey wherein she managed to slim down to a size medium.

The Megastar revealed that her body has gone down several sizes by showing a photo with celebrity doctor Aivee Teo on her Instagram page today, Nov. 4.

Sharon, who often discusses her weight loss milestones on social media, told fans last March that she started dieting on and off in January 2016. She also showed herself wearing a swimsuit in November 2020, stating that while she was not yet fit, she was continuously losing weight.

Teo commended the actress for her progress in losing weight.

“Look who’s here! Aivee Day with my now-so-sexy and skinny friend Sharon Cuneta,” Teo said. “Look at her! From XXL to medium. It’s been a long five-year journey of weight loss [and] healthier you at the @theaiveeclinic and it’s so worth it.”

What can you say about this fitness journey?

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