Gaano Nga Ba Kayaman Si Jeric Raval

Jeric Raval or Ricardo Buensuceso in real life was born on September 30, 1975, in Manila Philippines. At an early age, it can already be noticed how good-looking Jeric so it is no wonder why many women were fascinated by his sweet smile when he was in elementary and high school.

In 1987, at the age of 12-year-old when he was in high school, a Filipina girl named Holiday came into his life. They were in a relationship from 1987 to 1990. On May 20, 1991, Jeric married Holiday because he doesn’t want to let go of the gorgeous and kind-hearted woman. This is one of Jeric’s statements in his interview with PEP. ph.

Jeric and Holiday met when they were both in Grade 2. Every vacation, Holiday goes to her uncle who is Jeric’s neighbor. So, they can only meet and play with each other every vacation.

It also came to the point where Holiday never went back. They had forgotten each other by the time they hadn’t seen one another within a long period.
They could also no longer recall each other’s appearance. Many years had passed, and when they were already adolescents, their paths crossed again in a high school where they both attended.

Because they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, they had no idea that they used to be playmates during vacations. Another reason is that their appearance has changed. They once discussed their lives’ stories and discovered that they used to play, which is where their relationship began till they built a wonderful family.

In 1991, it was a huge blessing for the family as Jeric got into acting. He was able to secure a deal with OctoArts Films and establish himself as a full-fledged action star. In the same year, he starred in the film “Anak ng Cabron.”

His agent advised him not to tell the world that he already had a wife so that his admirers will not become envious. This is also for his career protection, as he is only beginning off in show business. Holiday, his wife, accepted it because it was a job. She also keeps her marriage to Jeric a secret for a long period.

But their relationship experienced a difficult challenge. There are several temptations in the entertainment industry, and Jeric is no exception. Some of his leading women fell in love with him and one of them is Monica Herrera. Even though Jeric is married, he and the actress have three children: Joshua, Jenica, and Danica.

Their romance too did not last long and split.
They broke up in 1994 and reunited in 1998.
When they reconciled, the youngest Janina was born, and the two were separated once more. Janina, like her parents, pursued a career in acting. She is currently a Viva Artist Agency, Inc. certified contract star.
Janina had always wanted to be an actress, but she was told to finish her education first.

Jeric, on the other hand, had a relationship again, the sexy star, Allysa Alvarez. They had a daughter named AJ Raval who is currently making a name for herself in the entertainment and social media industries.
Given AJ’s natural beauty and gorgeous body shape, it’s no surprise that she’s one of today’s most desirable celebs. Because of her attractiveness, she is frequently likened to Ivana Alawi.

She recently appeared as a sexy star in the film “Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar.” This is where AJ’s career begins to blossom. Jeric, on the other hand, was opposed to his daughter being a sexy actress. However, the action star is appreciative of people who have shown their support for his daughter.
AJ appeared in another film, “Death of a Girlfriend,” in which she co-starred with Diego Loyzaga.

But Jeric’s love life doesn’t end there because he had a new relationship again. They also have a daughter, Vanessa Raval, who is now well-known on TikTok. Vanessa has charisma as well, but unlike others, her personality is streamlined. She enjoys getting body tattoos and riding large bikes or motorbikes.

Did you know that no matter how many times Jeric sinned against his wife, his legal wife has yet to leave him? Holiday loves him to that extent. According to a website, Jeric’s past partners even fought Holiday, but the latter stayed quiet since she didn’t want to cause trouble.

Did you also know that because of her generosity, she raised Jeric’s former relationship’s daughter AJ from the age of three till she was fourteen? Jeric and Holiday have four children, Mela, Pugo, and the two have yet to reveal their names.

According to a website, Jeric has 18 children in addition to his four with his lawful wife. He has 14 children with another woman in total.
If he could merely go back in time, he would have fewer children since he felt bad for his other children because he couldn’t grant their wishes, such as providing them a car. After all, he isn’t so wealthy to give everything away.

Jeric is a responsible father, according to his children.
He gives close attention to his children, especially when they are in need. Jeric said that he was close to his children, whether they were girls or boys. He also grants their requests to the best of his ability.

Jeric hates having 14 children with different women, especially when it has caused him to betray his legal wife. He regards his wife Holiday as a prize for her generosity and acceptance of him, even though Jeric has sinned several times. So Jeric now solely has feelings for Holiday and no one else.

Many people notice Jeric’s face since, for admirers, it is only his age that changes, not his face. And his lack of addiction is his secret to retaining his youthful appearance. He no longer smokes and no longer drinks.

Meanwhile, in Jeric’s decades in the world of showbiz, he has also made many movies and television shows such as “Kalabang Mortal ni Baby Ama”, “Estribong Gang: The Jinggo Sese Story”, “Beloy Montemayor Jr.: Tirador ng Cebu”, ‘Bunso Isinilang Kang Palaban”, “Melencio Magat: Dugo Laban sa Dugo”, “Hitman”, “Barkada”, “Suicid3 Rangers”, “Tawagin Mo Na Ang Lahat Ng Santo”, “Sagot Ko Ang Buhay Mo”, “Bala Ko… Bahala Sa’yo”, “Lapu Lapu”, “Pistolero”, and much more.

He also played General Ginto in the TV series “Ang Probinsyano,” and he had a program on ABS-CBN called “The Good Son.” He was also involved in projects such as “Maaalaala Mo Kaya,” “Wansapanataym,” and “Ipaglaban Mo.” He can now be seen in the TV5 series “Encounter.”

Let’s find out how wealthy Jeric is now. Jeric’s net worth is believed to be between $ 500,000 and $1 million, or more than P48 million, according to

There is no information available regarding his home. Jeric also owns just one visible car, the Hummer H2 valued Php6 million, which is frequently visible in photos of him with his children.

What can you say about this? do you miss him in the spotlight? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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