Ogie Diaz, Sinabi Ang Totoong Mararamdaman Kung “Eechosin” Lang Ng Magiging Pangulo

Ogie Diaz revealed his feelings about the next president of the United States on Twitter.

The comedian called the sensation as “maha-highbl-0d ka,” which is why he believes that the next president should be chosen.

“Eechosin kang may nauna na siyang commitment. Maha-highbl-l0d ka. Kaya doon tayo sa handa nang maging Pangulo.”

He believes it will be problematic if the president-elect just cites a prior commitment as an excuse during difficult circumstances.

In another tweet, the comedian congratulated a group of young volunteers who were campaigning for Vice President Leni Robredo house-to-house.

Roger Diaz Pandaan, better known as Ogie Diaz, is a Filipino actor, comedian, entertainment reporter, and talent manager. He was born in Quezon City on January 2, 1970, and played “Pekto” in the popular and long-running TV sitcom “Palibhasa Lalaki.” Recently, Ogie made a “resibo” on his social media account concerning one of the congressional proposals that then-congresswoman and now-VP Leni Robredo filed back in 2013. For the sake of the public, the bill requires complete disclosure of all government agencies and branches’ transactions. It would enable users to gain access to financial data at any time without having to go through a lot of red tape. The law was introduced in 2013, according to Ogie shows the kind of good and honest government that VP Leni wants.


After Eric Nicolas revealed his performances with UniTeam’s campaign are simply work, the talent manager expressed concern for veteran actress Elizabeth Oropesa. The celebrity, on the other hand, clarified what he is not paid, however this did not dissuade others from holding him to his earlier declaration that he is compensated. In the case of Ogie, he joked that if artists with the UniTeam are paid for their services, Elizabeth Oropesa would follow ahead with her earlier dare to have her limbs amputated.

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